Update - 03/02/04

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03 Mar 2004, 00:43 #1

Gang List has been edited. Probably not as heavily as it should have been, but several groups HAVE been removed. NOT because I know for a fact that they have disbanded or "quit KP", but simply because the LINKS they provided are no longer active.
Folks, we here at KP4EVER want to maintain this website for those players who wish to actively enjoy the game. Please remember that it is not our job to "hunt you down". It is YOUR responsibility to insure that your website is active and that we are notified of any change in your circumstances.
Take a look at the current list HERE
If you know of anyone missing who shouldn't be, tell them the following:
To have your active Kingpin gang included in this list, or update your existing profile please contact [url=mailto:[email protected]] [email protected][/url]
(from NON "free" email addresses only please!)
Remember to submit your:
Website URL
Date Formed
Leader's Name, and
Primary MODs played
Only "Active" Kingpin gangs will be considered, and inactive or dissolved groups will be removed from the listing. Thanks for your cooperation!

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I know you gave me a hard time last time i tryed giving you clan info to add but maybe you can make an exception this time over that they havent come back and submitted.
The clan is $ck (stone cold killas)
site : www.clansck.com/
Full time kp clan, some are old members of other clans and others are new. I know they refer people here all the time and theres a few of my old friends on there.
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04 Mar 2004, 00:47 #3

If you type "Kingpin Clan" into GOOGLE like THIS you will see that any newbie to the game who is considering an affiliation is likely to stumble upon US. Therefore, the onus is on the individual clans to provide their own details for listing. I'm happy to accomodate any legitimate request for listing, but I am intolerant of broken links. If they want recognition for their support of the game, it's not too much to ask. http://newcrew.2ya.com

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04 Mar 2004, 18:14 #4

I agree NeWFnlou. Thanks for deleting my clan AB :-)