Request for new custom skin

Discuss all things regarding the art of making MODELS for Kingpin. Models can be new weapons, new characters, or new "props" Also discuss Kingpin Editing which involves code or scripting issues or procedures.
SWB Mr Damage
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07 Jan 2007, 04:39 #1

Hi, any skinners out there who can create something for Stars!?
He wants the following:-
... i want a mohawk but not like the stock mohawk i want one that actually stands up and is on top of the head that goes from the back or the head all the way to the front if you are interested let me know ...thank you
If you can help please reply to this post or email me.

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10 Jan 2007, 21:57 #2

Thx to AB|Mr. Knoxville
He build this model.
Screenshot included.