New Kingpin Patch By Monkey Harris

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11 Mar 2017, 22:05 #1

Monkey Harris has released a new patch for Kingpin.
**Update 5th May**
Some virus scanners were falsely picking up a trojan in Monkey Harris's Kingpin patch so he has updated it. The link below has been updated to point to the latest version.
There are heaps of fixes and improvements, including custom screen resolutions, several download tweaks, console and hud fixes, and it downloads a list of the current servers and it adds them to your Join Network Server menu. Plus several other fixes.
From the readme:-
This is a patch for Kingpin that fixes a number of bugs, and adds some other improvements too (see the readme). No files are modified by the patch, so it works with all Kingpin (v1.21) releases, including the Steam version. The WINMM.DLL file is the patch that gets loaded by Kingpin and PATCHCFG.EXE is a configuration app for the patch. Both files should be put in your Kingpin directory.
Most of the fixes are automatic but if you want to set a custom resolution, turn vsync off, set max FPS and a few others just click on the patchcfg.exe file to open it and set your preferences.
You can download the new patch from here .
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