Monkey Mod v2.0 Released

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Monkey Mod v2.0 for Kingpin: Life of Crime by Monkey Harris.
Monkey Mod is a server-side mod for the game Kingpin: Life of Crime made by Monkey Harris. It retains the standard gameplay (deathmatch & bagman) but with a bunch of additional features and other enhancements including a new Rocket only mode. Check the readme for more info.
All of the current Kingpin death match and Bagman servers are running the monkey Mod v2.0.
You only need these files if you are planning on running a server. You don't need them to just connect to a server.
Installation============Unzip the Monkey Mod package into your Kingpin directory and edit the configfiles (eg. server.cfg and comp.ini) in the mmod directory as you want.
You can download the Monkey Mod v2.0 files for Windows and Linux from here.