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Discuss all things regarding the art of making MODELS for Kingpin. Models can be new weapons, new characters, or new "props" Also discuss Kingpin Editing which involves code or scripting issues or procedures.
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which editor is the best one?(for kingpin)
i just need a plugin to convert dxf or other vectorformat
in kingpinmap.
Has anyone an idea?

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use q2mdl and milkshape if you want to create kingpin models, the easiest method; i am not sure about dxf, but milkshape definately sounds like it could help, but i would still use q2mdl for the animations and some work on the model, milkshape for creating models in the first place. Thats all i can suggest...----------------------------------------------------------
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dxf is the autocad format, and chances are the map wouldnt work in kingpin but there is a possibility. Milkshape should be able to open it and my friend rat made a quake map exporter for milkshape. Search the forums at for it, or it might be included in the latest version, i havent checked.
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