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Just a reminder about the Kingpin server browsers that are available so you can find servers to play online :)
The two main ones are Gamespylite and [M] Server Browser.
GamespyliteRecently Fredz updated Gamespylite so all features are now working again (including the chat feature).
Just extract the kingpinspylite.exe file to your Kingpin/Gamespy folder (it will overwrite the original one).
Some versions of Kingpin don't include Gamespylite so if you don't have a kingpin/gamespy folder just create one and extract the file to there.
You can download the latest version of Gamespylite from - ...
M-BrowserM-Browser by [M] is a Kingpin server browser that is independent from qtracker or gamespy, so it works even when those are down.
Check out the readme in the zipfile for install instructions and a list of all the features.
You can get the latest version, which is currently v1.8, from his [M] Kingpin Server List page here -
We also host it at here - ...