Discuss all things regarding the art of making MODELS for Kingpin. Models can be new weapons, new characters, or new "props" Also discuss Kingpin Editing which involves code or scripting issues or procedures.
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i used to model quite a fair bit for Kingpin....
converting Q2 to Kingpin.. an i decided i wanted to do it again.. of course its been a while since i even attempted to do this.. so i went back to Sylacs modelling tutorial site.. an had to download all tha files again.. an the files arent active on Sylacs' site... so im wondering if someone knows where i can get tha modelfix.md2 an the thug.mdx an thats pretty much what i need.. i got the modeller an md2 - mdx
so if anyone can help .. that would be great..
thank youImage

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22 Oct 2003, 08:24 #2

Here are the files thanks to Zeppelin [FnR]
thug.md2 -
modelfix.md2 -